[K-Biz brief] Tesla Model 3 'Performance' version released. LG Chem will benefit (July 1)

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▲ Tesla = Model 3 'Long range' followed by 'Performance' version released

American electric car company Tesla has released a performance version following Model 3 long range version. LG Chem, which strengthened the model 3 lineup and raised Tesla on its back, is expected to dominate the Chinese market.


▲ Asiana Airlines, Air Busan, Tway Airlines = targeting the Greater China region, Hong Kong routes resumed one after another

The aviation industry continues to attack the Greater China region. Asiana Airlines will expand flights to Hong Kong from next month, and Air Busan will resume flights from Busan to Hong Kong. T'way Air turned to the Greater China region instead of the Russian route.


▲ Hyundai E&C = Chile Chacao Bridge bad news again

The construction of the Chacao Bridge in Chile, which is being undertaken by Hyundai E&C, has spread to local high-level officials' conflicts of interest this time. At the end of last year, it seems to be suffering from bad news following the conflict of additional construction costs.


▲ Daewoo Construction·Buyeong = Selected as a Vietnam Hanoi Investment Promotion Project

Hanoi City, Vietnam promotes foreign investment projects. Accordingly, Daewoo E&C and Booyoung, which are currently pursuing a housing development project in Hanoi, are expected to speed up the project.


▲ Hyundai Motor Company = Indonesian plant rate 22%, Above target

Construction of the Hyundai Motors Indonesia plant is cruising. In the aftermath of Corona 19, the Indonesian plant's fair rate exceeds the target.


▲ Hyundai Motors, Kia Motors = Expected to benefit from increased exports in India

The Indian government has developed an incentive policy to support the expansion of automobile exports. Hyundai Motor Company, India's No. 1 car exporter, is expected to benefit.


▲ Lotte Chemical = Targeting the Indonesian polyethylin market

Lotte Chemical will secure a new polyethylene (PE) customer in Indonesia and strengthen its penetration into the Southeast Asian chemical market.


▲ Hanwha Q CELLS, Enphase = collaborate on ordering solar power for residential use in the US

Hanwha Q CELLS has joined forces with US micro inverter manufacturer Enphase to target the residential solar market.


▲ E-Mart = Folded 'New Season Market' in the US and integrated into 'Metropolitan Market'

Fold the 'New Season Market', an organic super chain acquired by E-Mart last year, and integrate it into the 'Metropolitan Market'.


▲ Hyundai Kefico = Cooperation with ZWSOFT in China, to expand Vietnamese parts business

Hyundai Kepico, a company specializing in automotive electronic control systems affiliated with the Hyundai Motor Group, expands the Vietnamese parts business in cooperation with Chinese software developer ZWSOFT.


▲ Samsung Electronics = Samsung 'PrismView' Partnered with 4 frontiers of US marketing company

Samsung Electronics' American display subsidiary'Prism View' has signed a partnership with'Four Front', a sports and entertainment marketing company.


▲ Innisfree = 10th store opened in 2 years

AMOREPACIFIC's naturalist cosmetics brand Innisfree opened its 10th store in the first two years in Australia, further expanding its K-beauty position.


▲ Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics = [Exclusive] The US 'Employee fraudulent secret' lawsuit effectively wins

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are expected to ease the allegations of employment fixing in the United States. The local court of appeals rejected the plaintiff's request for reconsideration, which protested the decision of both companies.


▲ GS E&C = [Exclusive] Concrete pile factory established in Vietnam

GS E&C started building construction materials in Vietnam. It is said that this is to increase synergy with large-scale development projects promoted in Vietnam.