[K-Biz brief] HMM only among the top 12 in terms of increase in ship capacity (June 30)

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▲ HMM = only among the top 12 in terms of increase in ship capacity
Most of the major shipping companies in the world have reduced their shipbuilding capacity, and only HMM has increased. It is an effect of inputting a large container ship.


▲ Tesla = 1 million mile battery appeared in annual report, possibility to be installed on Model 3
American electric vehicle company Tesla mentioned in an annual report that it was equipped with a model 3 of a next-generation battery, a million-mile battery.


▲ Hyundai = Tucson 7.7 million discount in China
Hyundai Motors holds a massive discount event as sales in China continue to decline.


▲ Hyundai E&C = Ukraine subway PQ application... Competition with Turkish and Chinese companies
Hyundai E&C challenges to win a contract for the 350 million dollar subway project in Kharkiv, Ukraine.


▲ YMTC = Official declaration of SSD release in the second half of this year
China's YMTC officially announced the release of Solid State Drive (SSD) in the second half of the year at the largest semiconductor exhibition in the country.


▲ POSCO = 20-stage rolling mill introduced in France. Gigas steel productivity improvement
POSCO is joining hands with Five Group in France to enhance the processing technology of'Giga Steel', a premium steel product.
▲ Daelim Industrial and SK Construction = Turkey's Canakkale Bridge set another world record
The world record for tower crane lifts was created at the Canakkale Bridge in Turkey under construction by Daelim Construction and SK E&C.


▲ Samsung Biologics = Sam Mchour, Managing Director, 'National Hero' in Morocco
Sam Mchour, who moved to Samsung Biologics last year, is being treated as a “national hero” by Morco people.


▲ Kia Motors = cooperation with Spanish energy company'Repsol' to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure
Kia Motors expands its European EV charging network in partnership with Spanish energy giant Repsol.


▲ Hyundai = New Sonar released in China on July 22
Hyundai Motor Company launches a new Sonata on July 22 in China. The focus is on whether sales will recover, mainly in the Chinese mid-size car market.


▲ Hyundai Motor = strengthens 'brand sensibility' in Europe and China
Hyundai Motors strengthens brand sensibility in overseas markets such as Europe and China.