[K-Biz brief] Doosan Heavy's 'Romania Plant' land sale accelerated. Negotiations with 2~3 sides (Aug 11)

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▲ Doosan Heavy's 'Romania Plant' land sale accelerated. Negotiations with 2~3 sides


▲ Ssangyong Motors moved to expand its headquarters in England. "Completion of lease agreement"


▲ Shinhan Holdings, the burden of saving provisions. "The risk of falling stock prices"


▲ Kia expanding EV supply to Europe such as e-Niro


▲ Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding, won an order for '1080 billion' passenger ship... Recognition of European shipping technology


▲ Samsung Electronics' Ho Chi Minh home appliance factory tax reduction report... Penalty withdrawal


▲ 'Vietnam ants investor' also Donghak movement… Stock accounts exploded this year


▲ Hankook Tire donated tires to public institutions in Indonesia


▲[Exclusive] 'Investment in KHNP' Canadian uranium mine development'green light'… "Year-end economic feasibility study completed"


▲ Pitch, 'Kookmin Bank Acquired' Indonesia's Bukopin evaluated credit rating 'AA-'... Designation of 'positive observation target'


▲ Seoul house prices soared 50% in 3 years… "The second-class citizens fall down on the soil spoon"


▲ Kia Motors raises the price of'Sportage Seltos' in Australia... Due to change of year and exchange rate


▲ Samsung Electronics applied for trademark rights for 5G laptops in Europe


▲ Kia Motors K5, Jordan sortie... Attention to design and advanced technology


▲ WeMef, on the 11th WeMope Day, 'ㅇㅁㅍㄷㅇ' search event… IPad 99,000 won


▲ Hyundai Motors launches new Grand i10 in Mexico... Targeting the small car market


▲ Paris Baquette resumes business in New York in the US... "Packaging and delivery possible"


▲ Launched'Xylitol Carbonate' gum at Lotte Japan... Domestic?